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Blood Testing Instrument

Project: Blood Testing Instrument Manufacturer

Problem: Device re-design resulted in issues with the ability to manufacture the key part of the instrument. Existing vendor base would not attempt to manufacture.

Material: Tungsten

Critical Dimensions:
.0070Ø x .87” long in the middle of the part
Hold +.0000/-.0002” tolerance on diameter
Hold +/-.001” tolerance on length of .007”Ø
8 Ra surface finish max

Resolution: A manufacturing process was developed that not only resulted in the ability to make the part, but withstood two part revisions that tightened tolerances to give the device an even higher level of function and reliability.



Heart Valve Clip

Project: Heart Valve Clip Locking Pin

Problem: The extremely small size of the part, critical to affixing a clip to a defective heart valve, resulted in manufacturing difficulties, and unacceptable inconsistencies in holding the required part tolerances.

Material: Elgiloy

Critical Dimensions:
Center Diameter size - .0191/.0190
OAL: .056’’
8 Ra surface finish
.001” max inside corner radii

Resolution: a manufacturing process was created that yielded 95% success rate. Project was able to move forward into clinical trials and is currently seeking FDA approval.




Project: Pace Maker Project

Problem: In a patent race with competitors, this company needed a rapid prototype of a newly designed part. Parts needed to be manufactured complete and shipped in one week.

Material: 304 SST

Critical Dimensions:
Small, detailed relief in middle of part
OAL 5.0"

Resolution: Parts were manufactured in time, but when a shipping SNAFU occurred, and it was evident that the "drop dead" delivery date was going to be compromised, M&S re-acquired the package from the shipping company, put a representative on a plane and personally flew it to the customer the same day!