Our Facilities

Come on now!....you don't expect us to tell you how we do what we do, do you?? We DO want you to know that we have made the commitment to invest heavily  in the highly advanced equipment required to manufacture your parts (wires, mandrels, tubes, etc...) and hold tolerances to standards that surpass most in the industry. Our commitment to this ongoing investment is integral to our position as a premier supplier of Extreme Precision Grinding components for the medical device industry, to our customers around the globe.

We can share with you some of the investments that we have made in Quality Assurance - to ensure that your parts are right...every time.

Inspection Equipment

  • (1) P4K Vision Based Wire Inspection System
  • (1) Mahr MMQ-400 Roundness and Cylindricity System  
  • (2) Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-120 
  • (4) Z-Mike 4050 laser micrometers – .003” to 2.020” capacity.
  • (1) Mitutoyo SJ-400 skidless Profilometer
  • (1) ST Industries Vision System
  • (1) Dorsey Comparator with 20" stage
  • (1) Micro-Vu comparator 
  • (1) Tensile Testing unit
Please call or email with any questions regarding our capabilities - we would be happy to speak with you!