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Neurovascular Wire

Problem: A contract manufacturer had significant supply and quality issues with a challenging Nitinol wire. The incumbent supplier had over 1 year to ramp their capacity to production levels, but continually struggled to support the program. The issues with quality and production not only jeopardized the contract manufacturers standing with the end user, but also created a potential line-down scenario for the end user.

Material: Nitinol

Resolution: Given only two months to develop a process and validate, Meron Medical was able to get up to speed to keep production flowing. Solutions were engineered for extremely challenging part features that caused continual quality issues. Production flow was maintained, the line-down situation was averted, and the contract manufacturer’s preferred standing with the end user was maintained.


  • 1.5 meter grind length – overall part length was 2 meters
  • Multiple diameter sizes -  down to .003”
  • Tolerances: +/-.0002”
  • End face of to be perpendicular .0001”
  • 8 Ra surface finish max

Mandrel Manufacturing for a Large OEM

Problem: A large OEM of catheters and dilators was struggling with quality of the manufacturing aides – mandrels – used to make their products. Mandrel quality had dropped to a point that the OEM had put in place costly systems to reject sub-standard mandrels that had been allowed to enter into the manufacturing system. Cost and product quality had suffered due to inconsistent mandrel quality.

Material: Stainless Steel

Resolution: Meron Medical evaluated the requirements necessary to produce the mandrels consistently. 10,000 mandrels were produced on an initial run without a single rejection. Product quality improved and the need for the expensive mandrel sorting system was eliminated. From this initial project, Meron Medical has replaced the incumbent supplier with the OEM as a primary tooling supplier.

Critical Dimensions

  • Multiple diameters and a 17” part length made this project somewhat complex
  • Diameter tolerances to +/-.0002”
  • Tapered transitions between diameters
  • 8 Ra surface finish max

Hypodermic Tube for Delivery System

Problem: When a production lot of critical component for an ophthalmic delivery system was rejected by a publicly traded OEM on their flagship product, supply levels of the component dropped to a point where a line-down situation was  imminent. The contract manufacturer responsible for the situation reached out to Meron Medical for help.

Material: Stainless Steel Hypodermic Tubing

Resolution: Days away from shutting down the line, Meron Medical responded by dedicating equipment and running two shifts to avert the problem. After 2 weeks of running, enough safety stock was built to ease pressure on the component, and resume a normal production schedule.


  • Intricate grind shape
  • Small diameter tubing size – 30 Ga
  • Tolerances: +/-.0005”
  • Secondary processes of blasting and cleaning were required also
  • 8 Ra surface finish max on ground surfaces