Go ahead, throw the thinnest wall you have at us.

The grinding of tubing is a core strength, and we should be grinding yours. A critical supplier for the grinding of thin-walled tubes on projects in  TAVR (valve delivery cylinders), Interventional Neurovascular (stroke intervention, and aneurysm coiling), Structural Heart and Ophthalmologic (stenting for glaucoma intervention), Meron Medical has the experience to get you what you need. Throw your meanest and ugliest tubing applications at us - configuration, length (long or short), tight tolerances, thin walls, SST or NiTi – we will find a way to make it work.

We can supply the tubing, or we can grind yours.

Don't be shy, ask about our capabilities — we can help.

  • Implant delivery system
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Stent production
  • Vascular imaging


  • All materials – mostly SST and NiTi
  • Diameters - .006” to 1” (or greater)
  • Tight tolerances – holding .0001” (2.5um) on diameters
  • Short parts or long lengths
  • Long length (1800mm), small diameter (<.015”)  “wire-like” tubes. Grind OD like a guidewire holding steps, angles, tapers - generally Neurovascular applications
  • Short length (30mm), larger diameter (.200-.250”) - grind OD and ID to achieve extremely thin and consistent wall thickness - generally TAVR applications
  • Large tubes – short length (50mm) and large diameters (~.500”).OD and ID grinding to achieve  high diameter-to-wall thickness ratio. 100:1 or greater is common (.500” OD with .005” wall thickness) - generally Structural Heart applications
  • Small diameter (<.030”) and shorter length (<80mm). Grind OD features such as steps, tapers or radii to achieve fit into a device, or functionality - generally Ophthalmologic applications
  • Expert in working with thin wall tubes
  • Very thin wall is achievable
  • Ratio of 50:1 (diam:wall) is common (for example -  a tube with a .100” diameter and a .002” wall thickness)
  • Ratios of 100:1 possible in shorter lengths where we can grind the ID
  • Intricate features – steps, tapers (OD and ID), radii, grooves, etc…