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SST, NiTi, MP35N, Precious Metals. Using  innovative grinding techniques  we solve many capability, and cost related issues, on wires for use in Neurovascular, Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular specialties. Wires and Stylets for devices used in aneurysm coiling, clot extraction, CRM, interventional cardiology, angioplasty, neuromodulation, thrombus busting and extraction and more.

  • Corewires
  • Stylets
  • Fast wires for R&D Testing – shipping your R&D wires in days or weeks… not months
  • Production – scheduled, ongoing  weekly or monthly production shipments


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Complex designs, the tightest tolerances in the industry and the ability to work with just about any material under the sun thrust Meron Medical to the forefront of mandrel manufacturing. Manufacturing aides to make catheters  for CRM, TAVR, A-Fib Ablation, Intravascular Imaging, Balloon Catheters, Smart catheters and more.

Prototype, experimental and production - supporting the needs of developmental engineering and supply chain at any level.

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Go ahead, throw the thinnest wall you have at us.

The grinding of tubing is a core strength, and we should be grinding yours. A critical supplier for the grinding of thin-walled tubes on projects in  TAVR (valve delivery cylinders), Interventional Neurovascular (stroke intervention, and aneurysm coiling), Structural Heart and Ophthalmologic (stenting for glaucoma intervention), Meron Medical has the experience to get you what you need. Throw your meanest and ugliest tubing applications at us - configuration, length (long or short), tight tolerances, thin walls, SST or NiTi – we will find a way to make it work.

We can supply the tubing, or we can grind yours.

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Device Components - Short Term

Go ahead... tell us it can’t be done.

Possibly our greatest strength is applying decades of experience to produce difficult to manufacture device components of all kinds. Components for surgically invasive devices intended for short-term use (less than 30 days) are a staple of Meron Medical’s core business. These components range from corewires and hypotubes (listed above) – to extremely complex micro-sized components for applications in ophthalmology,  endoscopy, hemolytic testing and percutaneous cardiovascular intervention. Almost limitless in possible variations for part configuration and diversity of the specialty of focus.

Device Components - Long Term

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Often linked to Meron Medical’s ability to work effectively with polymers and non-metals,  surgically invasive devices intended for long-term use (greater than 30 days) have required some of our most inventive solutions. Engineering grinding processes for multi-lumen lead bodies, micro-sized components for Mitral Valve Clipping, or lead connectors for CRM devices have helped us to push limits and open doors to new solutions for the entire industry.

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Yes! We can grind polymers!

Didn’t think you could grind a catheter or polymer? We grind them all the time. No worries on passing your bio-testing either. We have been grinding polymer extrusions, catheters and dilators for decades. Need a tight tolerance on your polymer rods for a Swiss-Screw application – no problem.

Stacking tolerances too tight to reflow or perform tip forming operations? We can grind it. Catheters for Intravascular imaging, Pellethane lead bodies, PTFE dilators, PEEK components for TAVR, and all kinds of polymers to prep for Swiss-Screw operations.