About Us

60 years of experience in a company born in 2013? How could this be? Meron Medical was created as production facility focused exclusively on serving the medical device industry from its parent company, M&S Centerless Grinding, in 2013. Though now fully separate and operating independently, the link between the companies is still strong.

The experiences gained in facing grinding challenges presented in industries like Aerospace, Defense and High-Tech Instrumentation, translate into a uniquely qualified perspective of manufacturing. We utilize our long and diverse manufacturing history and an intense focus on our “values-driven” culture, as core strengths to drive uncommon problem solving and push boundaries of capability beyond where most vendors will go.

The result is that Meron Medical is not only a premier vendor in providing high level grinding solutions for the  development and production of advanced therapies in the medical device industry, but we are also a company that will be there for you.  We will commit all necessary resources  to responsively handle R&D/Developmental projects, as well as provide a stable and dependable ongoing service for long-run production work. We believe in who we are, and in what we do, and we commit to act boldly and aggressively in our efforts to supply solutions to projects that have the potential to positively impact millions of people around the world.

Whether you are around the corner - or on another continent, we are here to serve you.

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