Our Values


Keep your focus sharp, and your head clear. Look in all possible nooks and crannies for the details that could make or break the quality of a project, and compromise your workmanship.


We must never compromise our standards of workmanship or our values.  Don’t cut corners. Perform every aspect of your job to the very best of your ability and take pride in the work you do.


There are opportunities presented each day that can afford us the ability to improve a project, our day, or even ourselves and our lives. Be open to receiving them, and understand that they are not always evident - even a problem, or an issue to be resolved can open your eyes to new worlds if you allow it to.


If you don’t know where you want to be, you will never get there! Plan a job. Plan a project. Plan your day, your week, your life! Think about where it is that you want to end up…. and then figure out the steps you need to take to get there. Each step on a job, or in life, should be one that moves you toward your goal – this is a key to living life…. not just letting it “happen to you”.


Open mindedness is an asset that cannot be measured…..or overvalued. Our understanding of the changing needs of those we come in contact with  – and our willingness to alter our world to accommodate them is a keystone in the bridge to becoming the person that we want to be.


Try to anticipate needs. These can be needs of a customer, of the company, of a project, or of your loved ones. If you can be ready with answers BEFORE the questions are even asked, you will gain great respect and trust in those around you.


We all look at the world through our own lens. If someone seems to be acting irrationally, put yourself in their shoes. You will probably find that you would act much the same way if you were in their position. Seek to understand and come to what may appear to be a difficult situation with compassion and understanding.


Don't let frustrations get the better of you. Work, people, and life in general can be frustrating at times. Take a breath, clear your mind, and look at your situation in a new light if you can. Solutions will come to the surface when you loosen up and allow them to.


Often, owning the truth can seem to be the most difficult path to take. Though the path of least resistance may have allure, it will ultimately be the much more difficult road if it does not begin, and end, with the truth.


All relationships - those with your loved ones, your fellow employees, customers, vendors and even the company itself are all based on mutual  communication and respect. This does not just happen. Respect must be earned, and communication must be clear, honest and intentional. Tend to, care for, and cultivate all of the relationships in your life. This is your biggest opportunity to have the impact that you want in your world.


Each day, and each situation in which we find ourselves can be viewed in multiple ways. It is how we choose to perceive them that will make them either positive, or negative. Choose positive energy rather than negative - life will be happier if you do.


Is there anything more frustrating than people not seeming to care when you have a problem? Make it personal - their problem is your problem. Imagine how you would feel if you were in their shoes. Responding quickly, and with empathy, to a customer issue is not only a competitive advantage - it is the right thing to do.


Lead, don’t just follow. We all depend on those around us to be there to pick up the ball and run with it when we can’t do so ourselves. Be a team of leaders, where everything is our job - we provide support, we show respect, and as a team, we will accomplish our goals.